Autumn Wishlist

Autumn is here so weather is getting colder and colde…that summer days with hot weather are gone so we have to put a  little bit more clothes on us. I have made my autumn wishlist today and I hope that next days I am going to go shopping for new “Achievements” :))



No.1 on my list are some biker boots<3 I’m totally in love with this “bad girls” trend and this is the perfect opportunity to wear it, of course if it suits you.


This year I have a passion for many and many and many…boots:D So the second ones on my list are some fluffy and very cute booots:


Next ones(boots again) are some casual and kinda elegant style:



Ok, now let’s begin with clothes…those days the wearther was sooo was sun then very quick was raining, windy and so on so forth. And next clothes are perfect for this kind of weather( in my opinion, of course ).

Denim Jacket

Denim SHorts





Red Boyfriend Blazer



Loose Pulover






THAT’S ALL !!! Cheers, A.da ❤


Liebster Blog Award

Heelllooo, am fost invitata de catre o bloggerita, Black & Coral ,sa sharuiesc “Liebster blog award”, iar datoria mea este sa raspund  la o serie de intrebari puse de blogerita de la care am primit si de asemenea eu sa alcatuiesc o alta serie de intrebari pentru a fi date mai departe.   1) Post eleven facts about yourself:        

1. I totally love pink colour        

2. I hate injustice        

3. I speak english, french, german and spanish(and in future portuguese)        

4. My passion is make-up, fashion and music( i can play flute and piano, I’ve studied them for 8 years)        

5. I love animal print accesories but also some clothes or shoes        6.  I like making changes of appearance on myself        

7. I dream about visiting Egypt, Japan , India and Canada.        

8. When I was a little girl, me and my best friend were dreaming about making our own fashion house with clothes made by ourselves….      

9. I have a very good sense of humor….^_^      

10. I am in a relationship with my boyfriend for 3 years ❤        

11. I always try not to look back and live in the present , with the hope that the next day is going to be better.


Acum intrebarile de la blogerita :

1.What do you love doing for your past time I like to things that can really be useful for me, that can teach me something and make me better.

 2.A beauty advice? If you want to be charming, wear red lipstick and a LBD and you’re done.

3. What’s a thing you would never leave home without? Cellphone 😀

4. What’s a fashion big no-no?  Wear sneakers with a skirt 😐 I can’t stand this….

5. Who/What inspired you to start a blog? Another beauty blogs 😀 I had that feeling that I can do this too and I have something good to share with people .

6. Where do you see your blog in 3 years time? I don’t know and I don’t like to make prognosis like this 😀

7. What do you look for in a beauty blog? Advices, pictures , reviews , contests.

8. If you could be someone else, who would it be? …hm…I would like to be Me but in a famous appearance :))

9. What the top item on your wish list? Tones and tones and tones of clothes….a new closet I guess…it’s autumn and I have to buy new clothes:D

10. What’s the thing you love most about yourself? I have a great voice 😀

11. What’s your biggest fear? Spideeeers..and cockroaches….all insects:D



Acum ca am intrebat cu intrebarile pentru mine e timpul sa realizez si eu o serie de intrebari pentru bloggerii catre care trimit postarea pentru sharuire ^_^


1. What is your favourite season ? + your favourite accessory that you always wear on summer, winter or whatever your fav season is.

2. What are you doing for a good living?

3. What is your favourite fragrance in a parfume?

4. Biggest aspiration…?

5. If you could change one thing in world what would be that?

6. A piece of advice for every Blogger?

7. What is\are your Musts in your beauty case?

8. What is your child favourite animated character?

9. Where do you live(country & town)?

10. If you could change something at yourself(phisically or mentally), what would be that?

11. Favourite colour?







Siiiii… blogurile nominalizate mai departe de catre mine suuunt: